Having photographic journey without aims of producing work or exhibiting, constant requests from friends and family for work to put on there walls led to Jaymal's production of a debut body of work - a series of 28 prints in 3 main size formats, shot in locations ranging from the ice caps in Greenland to the lava fields of Hawai'i. 
In September 2018 this limited editoon run of work as released as part of Jaymal's debut exhibition in Central London. All the profits from sales of this work are being donated to an amazing called EMpower . The Emerging Markets foundation is a global philanthropic organisation that connects the resources of Emerging Market (EM) professionals worldwide with the vitality of local grassroots organisations in 15 EM countries and has raised over $31million since its founding.
To date, with 300+ photos sold to collectors in over 15 countries, these works have raised c. $75,000 for EMpower - thank you!